We blog, we are

It's the little things that matter.
pingywebedition got my attention and blogged about it. During the process I came across various blogs that were pleased with the referral. A referral more volatile than a puff of smoke in a tropical storm. So I decided, as a spin-off, to blog about and refer (a referral that does not change in a day) to these blogs, which I stumbled upon through sheer serendipity. United by two things: we were once mentioned by pingywebedition and we blog. And therefore, we are.

Anja loves it
Anja is German, which makes her blogs a little harder to read for me. But her posts are joyful. There's lots of pictures, make-up, fashion there's stories, there's music and there's movies. In short: it's about what makes her world go round. She definitely has a lot of interests! She blogs mostly during wintertimes, or perhaps next year she'll keep on blogging all year long?

Kimberly is 15 and has a lot to tell to the world. Her blog's all nice and pink. She had only 4 hours of sleep last night due to homework, but managed to post like 16 times. Today. Where does that leave me? Trying to post once a day for a month? She had to go to the doctors today. I sure do hope she is ok!

HTML's magic
This person is truly sincere and devoted a whole post to it's readers from all over the world. It's a nice proof that if you just keep focus on creating a nice / good blog, the visitors will start coming more and more. This blogger definitely puts an effort in the blog posts. They are quite long and often contain lots of photo's / images / screenshots. The subjects center around HTML, but actually vary across all that is life.

Zoomflux is productive! Only after spending some time on the main page I realized all posts were from today! I do wonder if there's any reader that can keep up with this pace :-D The posts vary in subject from daily life stuff to making money online to entrepreneurship. By and all, the blog is interesting and original.

This guy only posted a shell command to ping the pingy site a considerable number of times. Network pinging that is. The name of this blog suites the contents very well! It's about art and truly nerdy stuff, including art from the blogger himself.

Maine Writer and Photographer
Ronna writes about writing. And photography. On her website poemsforalloccasions.com she offers custom poetry.

Heir Tight
This blog consists of one post, about blogspot / Google and a mistake concerning ads. The theory is that a visitor came by the otherwise unknown blog and messed it all up. By accident of course. Ya'll be warned!

Not So Witty Witterings
This time, the mentioning of pingywebedition was not on the blog itself, but on a forum. The blog itself is about weddings. Not something I read about daily, but the design is nice and so are the pictures.

Well, that's it for now. Took me some time actually. And I was thinking this would be one of the more easily done posts :-D It was great fun however, diving a little into all these very different blogs.

Keep on posting!

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  1. Hey :)
    thanks to you, that you have mentioned my blog also in your post.
    I will do this for you too.

  2. Hi! Thank you for mentioning mine too! :D I'm a.k.a. Zoomflux. I'll do the same like Anja said. which is not such an original act lol, but thank you so much! :D

  3. Very good, like your reasoning for this post :)